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Poor food

No Mushroom on it *
placed by Shona Balding on the 1st January 2017

Poor food

Ordered 3 times I'm hungry horse to accept our order then decline it,then to say it was closed so we rang up had to order 3 times as none of them could speak English or understand me,when pizzas came one was wrong.i ordered deep pan chicken,mushroom sweet corn and tomatoes as my partner had meat child who is a Muslim child doesn't eat PORK!so when the pizza came there was mushroom on it but to find pepperoni,I rang the shop and they refused to help me or to change the pizza the men were rude and said the shop was closed when it wasn't!the men was so rude and said they couldn't help me,poor food and disgusting!
placed by Shona Balding on the 1st January 2017

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